Online Chat Disclaimer

Welcome to the OpenAccessGPT chat demo! Please read these guidelines before proceeding:

  1. The main purpose of this online chat is to showcase the app's functionality as an online preview of how it would look and work when run locally or on your server.
  2. If you decide to test the app using your API key, follow good security practices, like revoking and regenerating it regularly.
  3. Per the MIT license, the software is provided "as is," and creators are not liable for damages arising from its use.
  4. To the best of our knowledge, the software is non-malicious and safe to use. Your data is stored locally on your browser. No chat data or API keys are sent to the servers hosting the app.
  5. We recommend using the locally installed version of OpenAccessGPT, which you can set up following instructions in our "Install Locally" section for optimal security.

By clicking "Proceed to Chat," you accept these terms, in accordance with the MIT license.

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Remember that the primary goal of OpenAccessGPT is to provide a secure and privacy-focused experience. Please consider this demo as a glimpse into the app's capabilities and use the locally installed version for optimal security.

DonĀ“t forget to join our Discord community to suggest new features, contribute to the project, and get support from fellow OpenAccessGPT enthusiasts!

Thank you and we hope you enjoy exploring OpenAccessGPT!

IMPORTANT NOTE: a first version of the app was using GDPR-compliant statistical service for anonymous usage statistics - although we decided for complete privacy to remove it as you can see from the github repository.